MWO Carmen Company have arrived in Newtown…

Calm before the storm

It’s a sunny day in Newtown and the sawdust from the freshly built Carmen set has just about settled (mostly in our nostrils and on our larynxes, but that is just part and parcel of our glamorous profession). It’s always a thrill to walk into the theatre, see a beautiful set and get excited about the opera again. Studio rehearsals are all well and good, but now it feels real, like we have a show!

We’ll be here for almost two weeks, which will include the first three performances. While I imagine that in some respects it’s not easy for those in the cast that have families or partners back home in London (or West Wales), on the other hand it is really nice to be able to spend time and socialise with such a lovely bunch of people. We’ve lucked out, the cast and crew get along really well, which is actually not as common as one may expect. You know the saying ‘there’s always one…’ Well, there doesn’t seem to be here, and if there is, they haven’t shown themselves yet (although it occurs to me that if I can’t identify the malcontent in our group, it must be me then… But I’d rather believe we’ve all been lucky!). We are in high spirits, tech-ing a show that is getting better by the hour, enjoying Welsh hospitality, Carmen-related banter, and the occasional pint of Mischief/Sunshine/Midnight or (in some cases) sparkling water.

The tour is coming, and we are going to spend many hours in cars together, but for now it’s nice to know that in the calm before the storm, these residential weeks in Newtown, we are gelling well, which inspires a good prognosis for the coming months. With so few of us populating this grand opera, it makes all the difference when the ensemble get on well, and I’m sure you’ll feel that energy when you come to the shows.

Jan Capinski (aka Morales)


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